"Julie Jordan Avritt provides high-caliber writing & editing services,

helping authors ghostwrite works across genres." 



Published author, anthology contributor, veteran ghostwriter, and editor.

To write a bestseller, you need to wrangle big ideas into streamlined content and plot a doable course for the days, weeks, and months ahead. From content organization to gritty-with-finesse ghostwriting, this is work that fulfills my deepest professional passion.

I provide keen developmental editing services for works in-process; sharp in-line page reads for proofreading needs; and brand development—from idea generation to see-it-through copy and content.

And my favorite: bare bones writing. 

I believe the best work comes from a collaborative process. It is my pleasure to assist in the creation of books and articles for important publication—writing that generates connection by relaying:

—a clear message

—with a distinct vision

—through an unmistakable voice.

I consult authors in a course for publication from formal book proposals with agents and publishing houses, to self-publishing routes in the digital age, to new techniques in crowdsourcing content—bringing agents to you. 

I'm paper and electronic published in my own name and by pseudonym, and I write because there is nothing else I love to do so much.

Photograph provided by David Mao. 

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Julie is a member of an awesome collaborative of high-quality, high-integrity freelancers. She advises fellow indie workers on how to find great work, and counsels clients & organizations on how to utilize freelancers to scale up or down their businesses in the on-demand model so that everyone comes out happy.

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